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  • Facilitating Discovery Through Play

    Montessori Education

    Children are compelled by their curiosity to seek out, explore and master that which interests them. By supporting them, the Montessori teacher facilitates creativity, innovation, problem solving and “joy” within the child.

  • Nancy at the Montessori conference

    Engaged in Learning

    Montessori Education

    Inside the BCMA Montessori Conference Nancy Graham, owner of Pathway Montessori schools, attends several Montessori conferences each year. It is a means of sharing ideas, networking with other teachers and strengthening ties within the community. Keynote Speaker At this years…

  • Five Areas of the Montessori Classroom

    Montessori Education

    Maria Montessori found that next to learning from their own experience, the child learns best from other children. Therefore, she created a mixed age group where the younger children imitate older and older children reinforce leadership skills by sharing their…

  • In the Neighbourhood: Pathway Montessori Preschool

    Pathway Montessori in the News

    While Nancy Graham was looking for a location to open her own private Montessori preschool, she heard that Mrs. Suleman, owner of the Teaching Tree Montessori Preschool in the Woodlands Village Mall, was retiring. The opportunity to acquire an established…

  • Learning by Discovery

    Montessori Education, Pathway Montessori in the News

    by Leslie Christianson-Kellow for Neighbours Preschool The first time Shari Couture volunteered in her older son’s class, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The children were ”working” around the classroom, obviously engaged in their tasks. At a specific time, a…

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