ECS Kindergarten Program

Being an Alberta Ministry of Education accredited program, our kindergarten is overseen by a certified Alberta Education teacher who incorporates Montessori activities into the early learning benchmarks of its curriculum. For three hours per day, this teacher ensures that all of the Calgary kindergarten provincial goals are being met. This teacher works in partnership with our Montessori-trained teacher to provide a stimulating, fun and enriched learning program.

Our full-day Early Childhood Services Kindergarten program provides an excellent foundation with which children may enter grade school. In accordance with the Montessori philosophy, strong emphasis is placed upon the development of literacy and numeracy in the morning Montessori preschool program. In the afternoon, both language arts and mathematical skills are taught in a progressive, systematic manner. As a result of being engaged and learning through the senses, the students generally know their letter sounds and many phonograms by year end. A Montessori child tends to leave our program already reading and spelling. Their printing skills demonstrate a well-developed focus, concentration and attention to detail. Throughout the year, attention is also given to learning the geography of our world. Montessori children become aware of their place on our planet by learning the continents, countries and provinces while doing child-centered activities. In addition to these curricular areas, these children participate in music and yoga classes. Part of the children’s learning activities involve field trips and hosting special guests. These are opportunities for the students and their families to celebrate their place in their school and community.

One of the requirements for operating an ECS Kindergarten Program is that it needed to operate under a Non-Profit Society to be funded by Alberta Education. With the help of the kindergarten parents and dedicated staff, both volunteering their time, the school established its own Woodpark Montessori Society in 2008 to operate and finance the kindergarten program.

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