Montessori Child Care

Pathway Montessori’s child care program uses the Montessori methodology “to inspire a love of learning”. The Montessori Method recognizes the uniqueness of each child and allows the child to develop according to her/his own inherent abilities and timetable. Even children with disabilities do very well in a Montessori environment. Our curriculum includes exposing the children to Maria Montessori’s five developmental areas-practical life, sensorial, math, language and cultural. In a carefully-prepared environment, a variety of authentic, Montessori materials are arranged to appeal to their love of logic and order and their own natural desire to learn. The many activities utilize unique materials that strengthen fine motor control, lengthen concentration and sharpen the senses. Children are allowed the freedom to practice and refine their skills and cultivate good work habits. They are guided through various lessons and have the opportunity to explore their own unique interests and talents.

The Children’s Centers consist of mixed age groups where the younger children learn from the older children and the older children reinforce their learning and leadership skills. There is plenty of opportunity for socialization as the children work both independently and as a group. Each center provides a rich environment containing a variety of activities used to explore language, math skills and there are regular story times and group activities. Our program offers Montessori equipped environments, with qualified early childhood teachers and lead by at least one qualified, Montessori directress who interacts with the children in a loving manner. Most of our programs include yoga, music lessons, arts and crafts and a library corner to promote time for individual reading. Pathway’s success stems from happy children, happy teachers and satisfied parents.

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